Seized in Captivity

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I felt the barbed wire  across my back and the sharp pang of his belt across my back. “You like this little game don’t you slut!” The tears in my eyes refused to fall and the lock that strapped the chain around my neck helped me to realize I was his. He pulled on the chain harder and  I felt the barb wire tearing my flesh. This was his game and I dared not say anything. If I cried there would be so many things that he would do. I obeyed all he said and wanted to run but there was no where to run. I felt the alcohol fall across my back as my open wounds sizzle from pain. I didn’t cry out I could just take all that my master wanted and needed me to be. I had been doing this since before I moved out from under my uncle. He had kept me to himself for so many years and now all I could do was obey my new master or there would be hell to pay. As the chain was pushed  into my aching flesh,for me not paying attention, he used the gag to control my moans.
I don’t know if this was the thing that happened   to most lovers, but it was the best intense pain that I could imagine. I loved when he took the sponge and inserted in my pussy for being good and punished me with barb wire as he was now when I was being bad. It was hot and my need was increasing for release in my cunt. He would own and seize me. Will you?

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