Subservient Scarlett

Let me start right off by saying I am not some meek willed shy little submissive. My subby world is a whole lot different. Of course I am in to the normal subby stuff like humiliation, bondage and some pain play. However my real submissive passion is to be your wicked young accomplice that does your evil bidding.

I like to be made to do demonic and painful things to unsuspecting victims just for you. I am a switch and LOVE to dominate other little girl whores if it pleases your cock. I will ruin them and make them cry and scream just for your pleasure. In fact if it is your desire I will snuff them out of existence.

Being I am also a painslut I am hoping you will punish me in the process, and if not I will be happy to hurt myself. Self-inflicted pain is “almost” as good as what you could do to me. One thing is for certain though, I will do EVERYTHING you ask of me, to whomever you want to suffer. Suffering for the pleasure of your evil & twisted perversions is guaranteed.

For now I am waiting for your first command,
Deviously subservient Scarlett

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