Sasha playing pool


My Uncle use to take me out to the bar with him all the time. He told me that the only way that I can get into the bar is for me to wear my cute lil’ booty shorts and my tiny sports bra so that way I looked like the girls that worked there. +giggles+ My Uncle was the best ever for always making me feel special by the way he would touch me and teach me how to play pool. I always loved the attention he would give me when I was bent over the pool table and holding that long wooden stick just the way my Uncle taught me how with his stick. +giggles+ 😉 My pretty pink panties would always be wet when my Uncle would get right up behind me to help me shoot those hard round balls in the hole. Sometimes he would tickle me or pinch my booty so that way I wouldn’t win. +giggles+ I just love my Uncle and his long wooden stick. I can’t wait to play pool again with him next weekend. +giggles+ 🙂

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