Ruined Orgasm Time With Princess Paris

Phone sex

You’re so pathetic. You whimper and follow me around like an eager little puppy dog trying so desperately to get me to notice you. When are you going to get it? I am not and never will be interested in you. Your dick doesn’t even come close to being up to my standards, I’m a total teen size queen and proud of it. That little dicklet of yours is a fucking joke. I have so much fun getting you all worked up, walking around in front of you in my tiny little shorts and my tight little tops showing off my young hot body to perfection. You get so hard that you’re about ready to burst from watching me bend over and wriggle my round ass, flashing my pretty panties at you. Look and drool all you want but you better not dare touch.

Go ahead, I feel like really making you suffer tonight so I’m going to allow you to rub your little nubbin. Notice I didn’t say stroke because there just isn’t enough length there for you to grab onto and stroke. The best you can do is rub it and hump against your hand. Rub yourself into a frenzy while you kneel in front of me worshiping my beautiful feet and staring up my long legs wishing that you were man enough to fuck me. Sadly you aren’t and you never will be. When you’re really close to the edge and ready to dribble I’m going to bring my foot up and kick you in the balls so hard that the cum backs up into your balls and your orgasm is completely ruined. It amuses me so much to watch you drop to the ground and roll up in a ball in pain. You are going to have some major bruised blue balls tonight. Too bad so sad for you.

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