Rub A Dub Dub

adult phone chat zettaI was in the shower when sissy arrived. She came right in and started dinner. I didn’t even hear her. Humming a tune and enjoying the warm water flowing over my body I was lost in the luxury of the relaxing shower. Suddenly I felt gentle hands on my back and I jumped from fright. She giggled and put her finger to my lips telling me to be silent. The pampering began, she washed every inch of my body seductively, taking time to bring me to the height of arousal. Taking me out of the shower she had a warm fluffy towel that she gently dried me off with before taking me to my room. She rubbed my body down with a wonderfully fragrant body oil releasing every ounce of tension I had. Finally she put her mouth on my aching cock and worked her magic. I fell fast asleep after an earth shattering orgasm only to be awakened an hour or so later with a delicious dinner. Sissies are so good at spoiling and pampering.

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