Room With A View

How’s the view? I was hoping you’d like it. You snuck me off with you to your conference and I like to make sure that I show you my cute little body that’s been dying for your touch in the best way possible! Oh would your wife be made if she knew wouldn’t she! She’d die if she found out my age too which, oh yeah, I forgot to tell you hee hee!  Well it will be our secret don’t you worry! It’s so cool everyone here thinks I’m your daughter. I so loved playing that when were were in front of everyone but I think I liked playing that for you when we were back in the room too! Please Daddy! Oh yes, yes, yes, yes! You sure do know how to show a daughter a good time! I’ll be more than happy to do all the things your wife won’t do. She has no idea what she’s missing out on! My young voice whispering in your ear saying, “yes, anything at all”, has you so excited you’re almost ready to cum! Good thing you packed the Cialis!  Now where were we? 

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