Raging Hellish Fire

Burning red flames is my game and you will feel the heat of my darkest desires. The fire I use as a gateway to creates a hellish havoc on anyone, anything, and any place it comes in contact with. Watching the massive destruction of it’s burning flames, sends a heat wave throughout my body that to fuel my wicked desires. My favorite items that I always have an abundance of is matches, lighters, and gasoline. The great thing about having those items in possession, is for two reason … that they are cheap and untraceable. There is nothing in this world than watching useless soul have gasoline pour on them and burst in to flames. Their chilling screams gets me to cum every time. Or even if I found a victim that I want to tie down and take a red hot cast iron to brand them as if they were cattle. Humm, the smell of sizzling, burnt flesh can always intensify my lustful hunger to take what is mine and give no mercy to the innocent.

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