Ring my Bell!

Let Mommy teach you young boys something: the tip of the clitoris has as many nerve endings as the head of your cock.  You know how good it feels for me to suck just on your tip, while my hands massage and stroke the long, thick shaft of your cock, don’t you?  Well, imagine that feeling intensified by 30!  Makes you want to pass out, doesn’t it?  Well that’s what I feel when you touch or lick on my clit.

Such an overwhelming sensation of pleasure deserves homage.  So, I got my clit pierced!  My clit is fabulous to me, giving me all kinds of explosive orgasms, it only seemed right to decorate it.  It’s my appreciation.  Isn’t my clit and its ring beautiful?  It always catches men’s eyes when I strip on stage, and is like a magnet to my customers’ wallets!  As if it’s possible, it actually helps intensify my pleasure even more, when I’m stimulated.  Want to see just how hot I can get?  Call me baby, and let me teach your young ass a thing or few about great pussy!

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