Revenge is a dish best served cold

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The saying Revenge is a dish best-served cold is so true. After weeks of endless fighting with my boyfriend and realizing he was lying to me, I thought, how could I hit him where it hurts the most?

My boyfriend has a beloved collection of cars that I know are his pride and joy. The only way to make those cars mean hell to him is if I plant videos of me with another guy in those cars. I drew up a plan and knew that if I partied, it would be down to hook up with an ex or two. With a bit of alcohol and tuning into my inner Party Girls Phone Sex slut in me, I made sure to get a shot of me sucking my ex off in his gladiator. BMG how he loves to give his little toys nicknames. A big-money gladiator is more like a broke man glad. Fuck him and his stupid friends. My mouth became the prize procession for the jizz of a hot ex of mine.

I slurped on that dick as I’ve never done for my boyfriend. A girl likes to be able to be treated like a princess. Keep your girl happy, and she will never go seeking Revenge. A bj in the bag was the least of his problems. I was going to fuck his friend, too, so he would never forget me. In his Mercedes, I slipped in and let his best friend pound me with his rock-hard cock. Using me up like a slut so that my boyfriend would finally see it.

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