revenge is a dish best served cold

Hot squirting pussy This hot squirting pussy will never be yours to enjoy again. I love that you are so invested in trying to get me to be back with you. I had to do what was best for me and get some revenge. You thought you could just drop me and forget about me? You soon realized what a hard task that was. How could you not see what an idiot you were? I love seeing how desperate you are to get me back but you will never see these cute lips wrapped around your cock ever again. I love that I am fucking your best friend and I get to rub it in your face. Who would have thought that your best friend just happens to be your pathetic wife’s brother? Gee this circle is getting so much smaller. You can expect to see me in short little outfits and really making your life difficult not only at work but now in your family life as well. 😉

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