Rape Fantasy

Rape phone sex fantasies

The jolt of 300,000 volts of electricity from the stun gun woke me up and rang my bells. It took me a minute…

The room was blacked out when I came to, I couldn’t even see the streetlights. I found out later that he’d put a pair of goggles over my eyes that he’d spray painted black to keep me from seeing anything. What a sick mother fucker! When I tried to say something, I found out that I was gagged. FUCK! Then I tried to move and realized that I was tied up with my wrists cuffed to my ankles and the cool air of the room told me that I was lewdly displayed to my attacker. Pussy lips wide open on display for my attacker.

I felt so vulnerable and yet I could tell my cunt was leaking juices…my own vagina was betraying me. How could I be so wet? So turned on, God I’m a nasty fucking slut, I literally was turned on this is some sick shit I say to myself. I don’t have time to think anymore about why I’m so turned on by this terrifying situation. Next things I know I feel the intruder mount me, his naked body is slick with sweat, and I can tell he stroking his dick. I hear a click and immediately I’m covered in sticky oily wetness, and I hear what sounds like him squirting this oily mess on his throbbing erection. And seconds later…

his cock driving into my pussy, him mounted on me like an animal, humping me. Involuntarily, I found myself pushing my cunt up to meet the downward thrusts of his cock. His cock plowed me deeper and more slowly in answer to my body fucking him back. My emotions ran the gamut of being disgusted with myself, hating my rapist, and being utterly and completely fascinated with each new sensation The pain was awful as his slickened cock drove into my equally slickened pussy in one thrust.

The sudden fullness I felt in my belly took my breath away as my rapist consummated our mating. He moans and grunts as he empties his balls deep inside my gash and my heart is racing as I realize he’s not wearing a condom; this piece of shit is actually raping me bare back…I’m ashamed to admit it but I immediately loose control and I’m glazing his semi hard dick with my juices and my creamy cum leaks down his dick and coats his balls and he says “what the fuck you dirty slut! You got off with me raping you…..!

You dirty whore, well this is a first for me, here I was thinking I was violating you, and you’re onefucked up little bitch to get off on this. I just lay there listening to him. I feel the wetness of our cum soaked union under my ass.

Cool and wet the sheets are clinging to my back and ass cheeks as I try and sit up, I’m met with his hand slapping my cheek and him spitting some disgusting slurs about how good cum dumpster slut I am and how I should shut my trap and take it like a big girl.

He’s right I think to myself besides that asshole tasing me with my own taser. I realize I have a whole new skanky kink to explore. My mind is swimming with different scenarios about getting raped by strangers.

Or even gang raped by a group of intruders that I have no idea who they are. I’m so busy in my own thoughts I don’t even notice the burglar had let himself out of the apartment, not even say goodbye or untying me…well fuck this is going to be interesting I think to myself allowing my thoughts turn to being tied p and raped and my body desecrated by another stranger…

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    I’ve never had phone sex so good in my 10 years of phone fucking until I met you

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