Raining cum drops down on me

OMG! It has been super dripping wet these days with all of this rain. Looking at all of this rain got me to stay inside but I was not alone. I decided to invite all of my ex-boyfriends to come over to get me wet. I just love the feeling of rain drops falling down on my face but I have all always wanted it to rain hot cum instead of water. So I got a hold of seven of my ex’s to make my fantasy to cum true. Lol! So they showed up at my door and when I opened the door I was CUMpletely naked. Just wanted to get down to it! So I took them into my living room and got down on my knees. I was stoking and jerking them all off while I could feel my pussy started to get dripping wet with anticipation of all of the wet cum on my face. Oh, and let me tell you that they all came basically at the same time like a chain reaction of a hurricane hit me in the face.


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