Putting My Tiny Dick Loser Hubby in His Place with Tess

cuckolding phone sex 2 girl callMy husband knows his place. He has a broke down tiny dick that can’t please a goddess like me. For our entire marriage, I have been cheating on him with big cock. He knows this; he has seen it and reaped the benefits of my well fucked pussy and ass as a cleanup bitch. Yesterday, however, he tried to change the game. Threatened to cut me off financially if I kept fucking around on him. Too late to try to have some balls in our marriage, so I enlisted my friend Tess to show my small dick loser hubby who’s in charge.

Tess showed up looking hot as always. We made my hubby think she was here to fuck him to sort of even the playing field so to speak. He is so dumb. How in the hell could he think someone as hot as Tess would be satisfied with a pathetic 3 inch clit stick? She enjoyed laughing at him for even thinking it was possible that his pin dick would get anywhere near her hot snatch. She tied him up to his office chair, stripped him naked, and wrote “Brooklyn’s Cuck” on his chest in pink lipstick. She even put him in a pair of my panties and snapped a bunch of pics of him. Tess informed him that if he even for a moment thought of cutting me off, the pics would go viral, and all his Wall street buddies would know he was a loser cuckold who can’t satisfy his wife. I love Tess.

cuckolding phone sex big titsIn fact, I was so wet watching her be a bitch in charge with my loser husband, I decided I was going to fuck Tess. I made sure to let my hubby know I preferred pussy and sex toys over his worthless pecker. We started making out. She has a delicious body. It was going to give my hubby blue balls watching two hot chicks fuck without him. Tess has beautiful big boobs. I caressed them, taking each one in my mouth to suck on. While I was playing with her perfect tits, she slid a few fingers in my pink wet cunt and started finger fucking me. She made sure to let my husband know that her fingers could fuck my pussy better than his tiny pecker. When my cunt began to drip all over her fingers, she pulled them out and smeared my juices over my hubby’s face. “Smell how excited she is for me, NOT you,” Tess quipped. She had me hotter than he ever could.

small cock humilation phone sex small dick loserWe took our show over to the couch, where Tess showed my loser husband just how much more her tongue could please me than his dick. She wasn’t lying either. You would think with his short comings, he would over compensate in the pussy eating department, but Tess licked miles around him. Didn’t take long for me to squirt all over her face. I never turned my husband’s face into a glazed donut. Tess is more of a man than my husband; she certainly eats pussy better than any man I’ve known. I of course returned the favor. I couldn’t wait to go muff diving on that tight pink snatch. I spread her puffy pussy lips and buried my tongue deep inside her. She was warm and oh so wet. My nose worked her clit as my tongue fucked her until I too had that glazed donut look. I showed my husband that Tess’s clit was bigger than his dick; how sad.

Mutual masturbation porn lesbiansOne of the many benefits of being a woman is the ability to cum and cum again. I got out my dildos, which Tess made my husband suck first to remind him that even dildos were preferable in our cunts than his shrinky dink dick. There we were on my couch, pussies spread wide, me fucking us both while my hubby watched unable to even touch himself. I made us both squirt all over him too. Tess and I spent the entire morning cumming and laughing at my husband. By the time we were done, his balls were so blue, he was hurting.  For now, thanks to Tess, he seems to understand his place again. But the question now is, do you know your place?

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