Punish The Panty Boy!

I’ve got this panty loving sissy that needs to be punished by all the superior females here at Fuckalicious. Every little naughty thing he does deserves two options. Hard smacks to the tush or what I love most, punishment fees. He loves his bright pink panties! He doesn’t dare wear regular boring men boxers. He wears soft old fashion jockey panties that make his little clit stick feel tingly and warm. Now doesn’t that sound like he should be punished and humiliated? Everyone should know how he goes and gets massages and flashes the masseuse.Or how he looks up tiny teen skirts just to see what colorful panties they have on. He loves to stroke his pathetic little dickie through those panties too but of course with my permission. I love to hear this naughty sissy smack that ass with a paddle. Serves you right, and you deserve every slap too! You naughty boy!

He even paid a small fee to exclude his name from this blog… I think I should out this panty pig to the fullest!

What do you think I should do? Do you deserve to be humiliated as well? Tell me what your dirty little secret is, I promise I’ll keep it safe.. but then again you never know!

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