Public Rendezveous …

Close your eyes and picture this.  Me and you on a leisurely walk through the woods.  Secluded and just enjoying each others company.  Flirting lightly with each other, occasionally sneaking in a sweet kiss.

All you can think of is wanting to bend me over and fuck me right there.  Your cock begging to get out of your pants, throbbing and rock hard.  You grab me and pull me close hoping to get lucky but I have something entirely different in mind.

Touching my finger to your lips silencing you… I reach down and unbutton your pants and pull your cock out.  Slowly guiding your hand to your cock and coaxing you to start stroking.  Every time you try to talk I hush you again with a finger to your lips.

Begging you to stroke for me I begin stripping off my clothes right there in the woods.  Running my fingertips across my breasts I lay down right there in the grass nude and begin fingering myself while contentedly watching you stroke….stroke it harder for me babe…

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