Prostate Milking Gives You the Biggest Cum Shot

biggest cum shotSometimes a woman just needs the biggest cum shot you can muster. We are getting a ton of rain. Backlash from Harvey. My dealer couldn’t get to me today. I still have some coke left, but not enough to get me through a holiday weekend. My boys are off today and Monday for a nice 4 day weekend. Or as I like to call it, a mini family fuckation. If I couldn’t have coke tonight, I could certainly have cum. Coke, cock and cum are all I need to be happy. I kept the boys up late last night so I could milk their cocks dry of cum. They are young. They never stay drained for long. They were getting tired around midnight last night, but I knew there was more cum in them balls. I just wasn’t going to be able to fuck it out of them. I had to milk them out of it. You are never too young for a good old fashioned prostate milking. This was their first time with any sort of back door fun. They have fucked mommy’s hot ass, but I have never violated their little buttholes. I waited until they were both head bobbing to slide a finger up their tight assholes. A prostate massage is the best way to drain balls of all their cum. I lubed my finger liberally with some KY warming jelly and worked a finger in my oldest son’s bum first. That woke him up. He fought me briefly. Once I found his special erogenous zone, he was cool. I put my martini glass under his dick to get his flow. He was surprised he had that much cum inside of him, especially after a few loads. His brother went next and had even more cum than his older brother. My boys gave me all the cum I could have hoped for. Right before they fell asleep, they told me they wanted more prostate milking in the future.

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