Prison Bitch

There is this fantasy I want to play with you that gets me really horny. I want to be a prisoner in a state prison and you are my correctional officer guard. You are in charge of watching me while I am in lock down in my cell. I always see you watching me and I always flash you my titties and blow kiss. For some reason I just can never take you serious or your authority over me. It really gets me so dripping wet to tease you and watch you get angry with me. You may see it as work but I see it as a game of how long its going to take for you to snap! Being in prison leaves me all alone and horny all the fucking time. So I keep disrespecting you so that you will completely loose your temper and take it all out on me. I want you to chain me up and bend me the fuck over so you can beat my nasty ass with your long , black club. While I am bent over my bed , you whip over your hard cock and ram it deep into my dirty asshole! Then you pull back my hair and sick into my mouth as I am screaming. Wow! This is really getting me wet, I think I need to go finger myself now before you take me punish me with your cock!

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