PRINCESS PARIS takes sissy to the salon

Today I am going to take you sissy to a salon to try to help you look me like a pretty little girlie sissy poo. LOL! This is going to be a lot of fun for me! I say this sissy because you are going to get your hair and nails done … along with your hairy nasty ass completely waxed. Like the stylist is going to start waxing your bushy eye brows and then your fuzzy man boobies, LOL! Of course there is that hairy rug that you say is your back … like omg! that really needs to be waxed. Now for my favorite part … I want you to understand that if you want me to help you look like a pretty little girlie sissy poo, you need to take off your lacy panties and spread your legs. LOL! You need to have your little wormy completely waxed bald so that way it will look more like a cute little clitty in those lacy girlie panties. Now sissy my pet, it’s ok to cry because this will hurt and might take off a little bit of skin but who care since you have a tiny bit of skin down there anyways. LOL! Plus I want you to cry so that way when I am video taping you it will give my friends more to laugh about. My friends love to see all the things I do to you sissy poo. So don’t forget to look at me while I am taping you. LOL! Like you should totally know that beauty is pain and pain is beauty.

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