Princess Paris on the phone with her sissy pet

Like OMG!!! I just had a fabulous talk with one of my sissy pets. She told me that she rented two hotel suites at the Hilton for this weekend. One was for me to stay in and the other was for my sissy. Since I am a Princess I get the best suite there is and my sissy loves to make her Princess Paris happy. However, I have a little surprise for my pet since she has been so good to me. I asked all my friends to come over (like without sissy having a clue) and bring anything they want to amuse themselves with my sissy. So this is the list of items that they told me that they are bringing to play with my sissy pet.

Video Cam, Make-up, Massage Oil, Strap-On Dildo (12 inches long), Long Wooden Paddle, Victoria Secret’s Lacy Pink Bra and Panty Set, High Heels, Pantyhose, Pink Ballerina outfit with Poofy Pink TuTu

Like this is soo going to be a blast to watch sissy get used by all of my girlfriends. The look on my pet’s pretty lil’ face will be classic. LOL! Then I am going to tell sissy that she has to be a good pretty lil’ pet and do whatever my friend tell her to do. She will of course be a good sissy and obey her Princess’s command , plus all of my friend’s wishes too. LOL! This weekend will be something to laugh about all summer.

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