shemale phone sex aetta1Pride celebrations are going on all over the country. Ours will be here next weekend and I am trying on different outfits for the celebration and for the after parties. I love this silky pink number and the way it reveals all my transgender beauty. There is a special party that I will be attending after the parade and street fair and I have my eyes on an especially hot intersex female. She is very beautiful and every time I see her mouth my cock throbs. Her lips are so sensual. It is rumored that her pussy is normal except her dlit is over sized for a female and undersized for a cock and that her pussy has no opening, like a normal cunt. Despite the problems that her particular problem causes her she refuses to have surgery saying this is the way she was born for a reason. When I hear her talk it makes me so fucking horny and all I want to do is show her that I could please her in so many ways. I am hopping to win her over next weekend and bring her to places she has never been. I have a feeling just pleasing her will drive me wild and make me cum over and over again.

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