Potty Training with Dada

toilet slave phone sexDada said I am a big girl now and it was time for me to be potty trained! He took my diaper off and smacked my little bare ass it felt so good my little tight pussy started to get wet! Dada says a good girl will listen and do whatever he says, I love to please my dada so I climb into his lap so he could cradle me. I love when dada touches my body it tickles and makes me giggle and dada love that I could feel his cock getting hard it felt so big under my little butt I swirled my tiny hips back and forth, hearing daddy moans lets me know I am doing it right and I giggle again, grabbing his face with my little hands to kiss him. I didn’t know what potty training was but I like it! dada told me to sit on the small potty and pee, I giggle and told dada I couldn’t go pee pee so he reached down and massaged my pink clit and the tingling sensation began to grow and I thought I was peeing but it was my sweet little girl cum this made dada happy and he kissed my little lips, I can’t wait until next time to potty train with daddy.

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