By the time they put all the pieces together, I will be long gone. The deed is done. The girl in 5B nothing but a memory. It was fun though. I left them with a crime scene to rival the bloodiest killer. I ripped her body to pieces and created a new artistic piece of my pleasing. Only after you were done with her though. You couldn’t help the way that sweet young body made your cock twitch. You knew it was wrong, so fucking wrong. You have always considered yourself a “good” person. Until the moment you let me in. I controlled you. I used your body to torment that poor girl. She was terrified and confused because from her viewpoint, all she could see was the nice older man from down the hall. How sweet it was to see the look on her face when that big hand came crashing down into her face. We loved tearing her clothes off. The sound of that sweet material ripping exquisite. Your cock pulsing harder as you realize her body was in more perfect then you could imagine. Inside your own head you keep thinking, “No, this isn’t me”. Sure babe, whatever helps you sleep at night lol. You may have lost your will but your cock gave it all away. Every thrust of your cock into that innocent little body making your cock scream in ecstasy. It took a long time to wash the blood off your body but it was worth it. I just wish I could see the people that find the body. I bet that will be a beautiful picture.  Let me possess you with the bloodiest Snuff Phone Sex.

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