Pony Play Slave Training

Light bondage porn

I am going to ride you like a pony, and I am not talking about your cock. Women like me use men like you as livestock. Your only purpose is to serve me and think about my needs. The best way I can see if you are worthy of my pussy is to train you and break you. You are an unbridled stallion and I will be your trainer. I will sit on your back, gagging you with my reins and make you take me around the room. Whenever you stumble or fail to follow my instructions, I will use my whips and spurs to keep you in line. I don’t care if I leave you red, bloody and bruised. I might even tie you up and whip you, showing you how helpless you are without my pity. I refuse to show you any mercy. You need to be disciplined in order to satisfy my needs. I can’t wait until I break you down completely and turn you into my perfect pet. A little pony play is just what you need to be my slave.

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