Pole Lessons

I love my pole dancing classes, and even though I don’t dance at the clubs anymore, I keep up on my moves. My favorite part is the girls in my class. Most of them still strip for their dough, and so they are pretty wild and super slutty. They love to practice in the nude, and all their gorgeous bodies slipping and twisting on those poles really gets my pussy wet. I have a taste for sweet cunts, no different than you, and this class is full of it.

hot phonesex emma
We locked the door and got naked, and turned on some music so loud we could feel the walls shaking. The girls were in a crazy mood tonight and it was time for some real girl on girl fun. We danced and groped each other like hungry little cum whores. Their stunning bodies and soft sweet tongues brushing up against every part of me was driving me wild. Every time one of us got up high enough on the pole, there was someone below licking at our hot pussy. This was our inspiration to push ourselves and our muscles to stay up longer.

I was up about 5 feet, and sliding down in a full split when one of the girls started licking my clit. I stopped sliding down and let her continue to lick me in that position. My arms were shaking and my legs were trembling, but I didn’t want her to stop. She was toying with my clit with the tip of her tongue just right, and I knew I was going to squirt my cum all over her face. As I did, it was all I could do to hold onto the pole as my whole body quivered from the waves of orgasm. She licked me clean and then I slowly lowered myself to the floor where I laid back and watched the other naked whores get their turn on the poles.

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