Poker Night turned into Strip Poker!

GFE Phone SexBaby, I am so sorry I didn’t listen to you, but I have missed you so much lately. I know you play poker with the guys every week, and I know you need this time to hang out and relax without any stress or worries. I just wanted to make sure you had a good time, and I know how much you like to watch me dance. I went shopping today, bought a new outfit, got all dressed up and came here tonight to give you a private dance. I thought I would be here before anyone else, Baby – I had no idea everyone was already here and in the other room. I stripped for you and only you! Didn’t you like watching me take my clothes off? Don’t you want to reach out and pull me close to you, so I can feel your cock pressed up against me? Don’t you want to fuck me right here on this poker table before your game tonight? Of course you do!

I was worried as I laid there waiting for your response. It appeared I made a wrong choice, but then you moved towards me and buried your face between my legs. Oh my, you are talented with your tongue, and the way it just dances across my clit is amazing! I can’t help but to cum so hard all over your face, and that’s exactly what I did. I feel you climb on top of me, and you work your cock up to my face! I love your cock! I love sucking on you and making you beg me to swallow you whole. I love licking your balls and playing with your ass while you fuck my face. I feel your balls tighten up, and then your hot load shoots down my throat! Total BLISS! That’s the only way I can describe sucking on your cock!

You get off of me and move to the chair, and I can see your cock is getting hard again. I slide off the table and sit on your lap, and you guide your cock inside my very wet pussy. I feel you getting harder and harder inside of me. I start out slowly riding you, but then I feel your hands on my hips lifting me up  and pulling me down hard on your cock. You pick up your pace and start just hammering your cock into me, and I can’t take it anymore. I cum so hard all over your cock, and my pussy just spams and clenches down like it’s milking your cock. You feel me shake and shudder through my orgasm then you explode inside me. I collapse on top of you, but we hear commotion behind us, and I see all your friends are staring at us and start clapping as though they were giving us a standing ovation. Even thought I was embarrassed – that was the best poker night of my life Baby!  Thank you!

GFE Phone Sex

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