Please Hold Me Daddy

The storm outside is so loud.  🙁  I’m scared.  Will you hold me Daddy please?  Oh no!  Fido got left outside!  I’ll go get him Daddy.  Before you can say no I’m running outside in my bare feet.  My little hello kitty nightie is drenched and dripping on the floor when I come back.  I’m soaked clear down to my panties and shivering.  I’m so cold now.  You scoop me up in your big strong arms and carry me upstairs.  Sliding off that wet nighty you never noticed how pink and puffy my little nipples were before.  Or how soft and creamy my skin was against your cheek.  Now I can’t breath because your stubble is crazing down my tummy and you are pulling down my wet panties.  My poor little pussy has goosebumps on it I’m so cold.  You just started with a hot breath against it but before long your tongue is licking up and down my little slit and I’m whimpering against your mouth because it feels so good.  Please, hold me Daddy, make it feel better.  There’s so much tingling down there.  Can you help me?

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