Playing with the teacher.

School Girl Phone SexI love it when school starts back up. I get to go back to being such a naughty school girl and play with all the boys and even some of the teachers. I go to one of those high schools that make you wear a uniform, but I’m okay with that as I roll my skirts up higher to show off my sexy legs and maybe flash of pantie when I bend over.

It was only a few days in when my English teacher told me to stay after class. He started telling me how bad it was that my skirt was short and I wasn’t wearing a bra under my white shirt. It was so clear the older man wanted me, so I started rubbing my breasts. His eyes followed the movement and I watched as his cock grew in his pants.

Knowing we had a bit, I moved to my knees before him and pulled his cock free. It was huge! Who knew this geeky older man was hiding such a treat. He was trying to say he didn’t want this, but as soon as my lips wrapped around the tip of him, his tune changed. His hands grabbed my pigtails as he started thrusting his meaty cock into my mouth. I had him moaning and grunting, but I moved away before he finished and lifted my short skirt to show him I was not wearing any panties at all. He shoved his rock hard cock into my wet cunt so fast I had to bite my lip from crying out.

He was like a beast unchained as he fucked me hard. I rejoiced in seeing such a normally calm man become the animal he really is. He fucked my young tight cunt until I heard him give a groan and he emptied his hot load into me. I loved every moment.

It was from then on, I sat at the front of the class, no underwear on and when everyone else left, I got to be the Teacher’s Pet.

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