Playing Dress Up with Daddy

I love to dress up for Daddy! When I get home I wiggle out of my school clothes and rummage thru Mommy’s dresser. Some of those things are just so cute and Daddy loves to watch me! Sometimes he get so excited he has to show me his “love”. Daddy’s love is a big hard lollipop and it means he cares about me very much! I just have to show Daddy I’m his good little girl and I care about him too. He is sooo nice he let’s me taste the yummy sweet goody that he can make and he helps me make my own too! It makes me giggle it feels so good when he rubs me with his love. I have a special little button that feels really good when daddy massages it. It makes me squirm and kick my little legs and I get so worked up! Daddy knows just how to exhaust all that energy I build up and will let me “exercise” on his lap for a good long time. I love all my Daddy’s!

PS: Thank you Big Brother Steve for showing me that a girl has to keep her big brother close too! The family that plays together stays together, hehe.

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