Play time with Rose and Pam

I was having a little cyber fun today with my friend Pam. We like to go on this website where we can watch webcams of guys stroking their cocks.And of course we do a little show of our on. I love playing with Pam’s  tits. They feel so damn good! And the way she can suck on my nipples for all the guys to droll over… Fantastic. We are really careful at who we let watch us. But Only the biggest thickest cocks can watch. We both love to watch guys jerking just for us. It really turns us on so much. After we see several hard cocks explode, then we turn on each other. By then both of our pussys are dripping and ready to be played with. Today we didn’t even make it upstairs. We were rolling around on the floor like teenagers! Licking and sucking each other’s pussies! Then we shared a double sided dildo to finish both of us off! We had so much fun! I love playing with Pam!

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