Play Date

I thought I had met all the mothers at the basketball games. I go to all the games to cheer on the boys. But today was the first time I met Nicole. Another mother. Like me. There aren’t too many special mommies like me out there. But I could tell by the way she was watching the boys play. And the way her son whispered things in her ears. I knew she was a special lovin mom. I smiled and she smiled. We both knew. I invited Ms. Nicole over after the game for us mommies to get better acquainted. When we got home there were several of my sons friends already at my house. Wanting to spend the night. I knew just how to get our special party started. I pulled Nicole to me and gave her a big kiss rubbing my large breast against hers. I knew it would get all the boys attention. Even her son. I was surprised by how hard Nicole kissed back. She started unbuttoning my blouse and the boys started taking off their clothes at the same time. It was a race to see who could get naked first. The boys jumped in the fun and it was a party. Fingers everywhere. Touching and feeling. Then I was sucking Nicole’s son while she was getting fucked by 3 different young cocks. Watching the boys fuck her so hard made me cum all over myself. And fucking her boy while she was watching was so fucking hot! I have never cum so much. I can’t wait for your next play date. If you would like to play with Nicole you can check her out at:

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