Pinata Paridise


My mind is like a drill Bit.. It is twisted, Dirty and Very dangerous if used properly. And I really enjoy screwing people over.  I do like to think outside the box. Don’t get me wrong. Fucking is fun! I love to fuck actually. I like it rough and nasty of course. But, nothing can take the place of a good fuck over fest.  You know what I mean. I like the hunt. The stalking.  The fun of watching. The thrill of knowing I could take that piece of meat any time I wanted. And it doesn’t even know I am here. I try really hard to drag that out. To enjoy the hunt. So many people try to rush it. But it should be savored.  I do like to bring in a friend. Someone who will enjoy what I have planned. If I am in an extra violent mood, I have extra violent friends. If I am in the mood to watch. Then I have friends for that as well. But sometimes. I am in the mood for bondage and mmmmm extra kink. And well that is only one person for that job. I call Bob and ask if he is in the mood to play. Of Course he is.  Bob is MORE than willing to lend a helping hand when I show him the pictures. She is perfect for him. And he surprises me with a new little contraption he built. He always makes the best tables and tie downs. That is the reason I call him. And Bob didn’t disappoint. He has a full dungeon and was ready to go. So I snatched our little piece of meat. And took her straight to his play room. She was a feisty one! LOUD and Pissed off! LOL. I love when they have attitude! It makes it so much more fun to play! Bob tied her up like a piñata.  I let him have his fun. He fucked ever single hole. Then I got to take over. A big stick. For my Piñata.  It took much longer than I thought.  And I was really trying hard to hurt her. So I thoroughly enjoyed the hours and hours it took to watch her die.

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