The perfect catch!


She was so innocent. So very sweet. She had long dark hair and big blue eyes. The palest skin with the pinkest lips. She looked like a painting. I wasn’t even looking for a play thing. But when I saw her I knew I had to have her. I followed her for 4 days. Waiting for the perfect time. She was snobby. She liked to tease her friends. AND she thought she was better than everyone. She is always checking herself out in the mirror. The more I watched. I the more I knew I had to have her. And I knew if I waited long enough. If I watched her close enough. I knew I would be able to grab her. And I was right. She was a bitch to her friend who normally walked her home..And she had to walk home alone. I snatched her right around the corner from her house. I took her straight out to the cabin. Ooh she was a little fighter. But nothing I couldn’t handle. I tired her down. Stripped her naked. Her body was like porcelain. Pristine. So perfect I knew I had to share her. So I called a friend. Might as well let him have her first. I do like to watch. He is going to tear her up. And then I am going to finish her off. I wonder how long we can drag it out.

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