Emma Giving A Show For Her Peeping Tom

This morning I have a couple of naughty boys cumming over for a little menajahtwa. You are that peeping tom from the next block over that likes to watch me do my clients from the window. Who knows you may get the balls to be one of my clients in the future. You get your kicks from watching those big hard cocks fuck my pussy, don’t you? You must have a small cock, but not to worry honey you are going to get a show this morning. These big boys are going to rock my pussy hard honey. Watch those dicks disappear right down my throat, sucking them up and down, looking at you in the window.

I pull my panties down and throw them your way, pull my legs up high and spread them far apart so they can get in there and lick my pussy juice right down to my ass. You almost can’t hold yourself together. You get so excited I can see you moving rapidly jerking on your little winky. So watch this , watch these big hard dicks slide into my holes , one in my ass one in my pussy. Mmmmmm I am getting it so good. This menajahtwa was a great idea this morning, and you watching from the window makes it soooo damn much hotter. Ahhhhh yes I want more can you help me baby?

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