Men are literally the most pathetic creatures to roam the earth. They lie, they cheat, they break hearts, etc. With that being said I am going to make you suffer for all of your kind like the pathetic little bitch you are. Mistress is in the mood to make give pain in so many ways it’ll make your skimpy little cock jump. You are going to take this big black shaft all the way down your fucking throat and if you gag I’m going to smack you in your stupid little face until you understand that Mika ALWAYS gets what she wants. Men always tell women to suck their pathetic penis’ but today you are going to suck this big cock of mine until your throat is swollen. After I use your throat to my advantage you’re going to lick and suck this dark asshole until I tell you to stop. Not only because I say so but because you are MY BITCH now. Then, when I’m tired of your dirty mouth I’m going to walk across the room and make you crawl over to me and beg for this thick dick like the pathetic little pussy boy you are. When I painfully shove it in your dry filthy fucking asshole you better not scream. Take it all the way until I spill this bucket of cum deep inside of you. When I take it out I want you to clean off your dirty ass juice with your mouth and suck out the last drops of cum I have for you. Now that Mika has cum, you can get off your load. I’m not that giving though bitch, lick that shit up! How dare you try to leave a mess in my presence. Do you think men would be the shitheads they are now if I punished them the way I do you?  You’re my pathetic little cum whore now.

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