Party time with my sissy pet

Sissy, I have plans for us this weekend. Last week I was tanning out in the sun by the pool when these sexy guys came up to me. They hung out with me at the pool and bought me some drinks. After awhile we started talking and I showed them a picture of you. They all thought you looked really cute and wanted to meet you. They all talked about how hot you looked in that slutty red dress with black fish-net pantyhose and stiletto heels you got from the last time you and I went on our shopping spree. I told them you are my slutty pet and you love to suck cock. LOL! Well sissy you can just imagine how horny they were after I told them that so they invited me and you over for a party they are having this weekend. This is just going to be like so fucking fabulous sissy and I am beyond stoked about. Now there is just so much work we need to do to get you ready for this party. So for the next few days your prissy sissy booty is going to be with me on another shopping spree to the mall to get you a new pretty outfit to wear and go to the salon to get your nails and hair done so you can be my pretty sissy baby-doll. I will make you look so hot that all those sexy buff guys will get instantly hard and ready for you. This will be so much fun sissy poo.

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