Panty Thief On The Loose

Someone stole all of my panties! I bet it was you, you dirty little panty sniffer. You always did love my panties. The way they look on my juicy little ass. Hugging my hips in the most perfect way. What am I supposed to wear now? I know the perfect way to teach you a lesson. A little home invasion sounds good to me. Tie you up to a chair and stuff some of my stolen panties in your mouth. Since you love stealing panties how about I put you in some and then give you a few smacks to that naughty ass of yours. Bend that ass over right now! My paddle is nice and ready. You better count out every smack I give you too. I have a strong feeling you like this, don’t you? How about a panty fee for every panty you stole from me. By the time I’m finished with you… you will know not to steal my panties anymore. I should forced you into some pretty pink satin panties and put a large sign on you saying panty thief. Make you stand outside of Victoria Secrets and see how many pretty girls laugh and giggle at your panty loving ass.

Beware LADIES we have a very naughty panty loving thief on the loose!

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