Panty shopping with Daddy

I remember when I was little and daddy would take me shopping for hello kitty panties or princess pajamas. He use to buy me the prettiest little panties and bras. And I would model all of them for him. Daddy would always let me wear my new pretties when he fucked me. Daddy would just pulling them to the side or down a little. It was always my favorite time with Daddy. New things and fucking. So when Daddy came home and said he wanted to take me shopping for some pretty panties, I got so excited. I just couldn’t believe it. I could barely keep still in the car on the way to the mall. We went to several store but the last one had the best stuff in it. Daddy picked out this sexy black and red panty set. He told me to go try it on. When I heard the knock on the door I thought it was the sales girl. But it was Daddy. He wanted to see me in it. So I did a little turn and let daddy see how it hugged my body. All at once daddy pushed me up against the mirror. And grabbed my pussy with his left hand. He shoved his fingers deep inside me. And I heard him whisper in my ear. “this is what you are going to wear later when I fuck you!” my knees almost buckled. Then Daddy pulled his fingers out and sucked them clean. MMMMMMM so good. He told me the faster we got out of there… the fast I got fucked. He couldn’t believe how fast I put my clothes on and made it to the county. Daddy sped all the way home and I barely had time to slip that outfit back on before Daddy was burring deep inside me. Ooooh man! Daddy always know just what I need!

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