Our Private Beach


We found it by chance, this secluded private beach where the brats and I can run naked in the sun and play in the sand. The water is a sparkling blue and the palm trees are the most vibrant green. No one can see us as we chase each other in the sand. My pussy stays soaking wet and his little dick is rock hard as we play and run. We roll around in the sand and let our bodies touch making us want more then the game of tag we are playing. I lead him into the water that is such a deep blue and calling to us and she follows behind to join the fun. Once in the water we all kiss and fondle each other in the warn waves. Cumming and playing and getting so turned on by the fact that we are enjoying out in the open air on a public beach. I am so glad we found this special spot and we will be cumming here more often to fuck and play and enjoy the thrill of hoping no one happens upon us and our sweet P games.

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