One Too Many

Adult phone chat

I am never drinking beer again! I knew it wasn’t up my alley, but that’s what I get for trying to impress a guy. I should have never even bothered with sneaking into that bar. I should have just went home and studied like I was supposed to. I could have easily been off to sleep rather than struggling for a cab in the middle of no man’s land. My cell was barely working and of course I couldn’t recall where the hell I was.

I ended up here after I had just gotten my little teen pussy ripped apart by the bar staff. I don’t remember much of anything. My pussy was soaked in what I was sure was all their nut. My tits were soar like they had been spanked and pulled on. I had monkey bites all over my neck and chest. Waiting there for the taxi I examined my thighs a little closer and noticed that beyond the slick mess was also bruising, my thighs were covered in hand prints where they had gripped me.

My whole body felt like they had gripped me and slammed their cocks into my little teen pussy. I couldn’t imagine how many of them fucked me. I’m sure I enjoyed it all, I do love a good fucking. I just can’t manage to remember any of it, that damn beer whipped my whole memory of my fuck down. 

Phone sex fetish

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