Once a Cuckold…

cuckolding phone sexAs you know i have a new cuckold that i’ve been having quite some fun with as of late. But did you know i have a cuckold that has been serving me for years and refers to me as his girlfriend?   He and i made the agreement a long time ago that he could call me his girlfriend as long as he promised to not have sex with me or anyone else, because his penis is so small.  I love parading my big cock lovers in front of him and making him watch. Last night i brought in one of my lovers who has the biggest cock i’ve ever seen it has to be at least 12 inches. He bent me over a chair so my cucky could see the pleasure on my face. He rammed all 12 inches inside me and looked over at my small dicked cuckold and told him to watch and learn. I squirmed with pleasure every time he thrust himself deeper inside me, the whole time telling my cuckold that he could never give me this much pleasure, eventually i got tired and told my cucky to finish the job.  He immediately wrapped his lips around my lovers cock and sucked him off until he squirted his cum straight onto his face. I smiled and said “finally i found something you’re good for”. So now my cuckold of many years is now my fluffer!

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