Once A Cheater….

Cheating Phone SexMy boyfriend and I were caught by his wife. So he has to serve time with her. He is taking her on the trip we were suppose to take together and spending nights with her. Hell, he is probably fucking her to! I can’t believe he is cheating on me with his wife!

Well two can play at that game! So I need a guy to cheat with! Finding men has never been too hard for me. I am going to just sit here in this hot tub and wait for you to call!

I am playing with these bubbles, getting very slippery! Letting the warm soapy water run down my legs, massaging the suds into my tits, making little sud mountains on my nipples….

Do you want to join me?

I cant wait too long. I will start letting my fingers wander! I am already getting that warm tingly feeling in my pussy. Oooh, it is so wet and slippery!

I need you to help me with this! I need to feel you inside me, filling up my swollen dripping honey pot! God what I wouldn’t do for your cock to be sliding over my lips!

There must be some guy out there who is willing to help me get even with my cheating boyfriend!

I don’t care if you are married! I don’t care if you already have a mistress! I will not tell anyone!

You aren’t going to make me sit here, in this big huge tub, all alone are you?

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