What a Night!

Submissive Phone SexMy day started off just as any other day. I cleaned the house, did laundry, ran some errands, and stopped by the grocery store to pick up something special for dinner that evening. I wanted to make my husband a great meal because he told me he was getting off work a little early today. Once I was home, I put way the groceries, and in no time at all it was time to start preparing the meal. I started by cutting up everything to make a nice Chefs Salad and I hear my little man come in the front door and he slammed it shut. I thought he must have had a bad day and continued on with making my special dinner. I thought I would give him time to calm down and this wonderful dinner tonight will cheer him up. In a little while my little man came into the kitchen screaming at me at the top of his lungs, he was yelling so loud I wasn’t understanding what he was upset about.

He grabbed me, shoved me into the living room and tossed me onto the couch. He ripped my skirt up and shoved his little pecker inside me, he was pumping and grinding for a very long time, I was just getting wet when my husband walked in the front door, my little man got up and stormed off to his room, I was putting myself together to go finish preparing my special dinner and my husband walked over to me and said why the hell do you always make him mad! He shoved me back down on the couch and jammed his big thick cock inside my already wet pussy and finished the job my little man had started. This made me happy because I was so excited I really needed to cum, and I got too after all. Needless to say, my special dinner was served late that night.

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