Daddy, Daddy, Daddy…

daddys girl phone sex alley “Daddy you’re home!” I always get excited when Dad comes home. I am so close with my Daddy I know for sure I am his favorite! Daddy spoils me rotten with all his love, he tells me I am his sweet lil one and he has more love for me than anyone! And I know it’s true, I would do anything to make Daddy happy… anything at all. What makes you happy daddy? Is it as simple as showing me how much you love me and all my sweet little holes? I know it’s easy to love my young bald pussy Daddy – to make it all yours for forever and ever. All yours Daddy…Spread my little legs apart and feel how perfect they are, not a shred of fat on them – you love how small I am don’t you Daddy? You want to spread these tiny bald lips to see my untouched little cunt. I know you love seeing how pink and perfect it is for you…you can do whatever you want to it. You’ll have me bend over so you can see this even tighter little butthole that has never had anything in it before. I imagine if you put your big daddy cock in there it would hurt so bad and rip my little tight ass in half, but Daddy… I would do it for you. Or we can focus on how my cute little mouth can please Daddy. I will start by licking your cock like a lollipop until you take charge and make me truly suck on it. Make me gag on it, you can get rough with me Daddy. I know you love when I pretend to struggle and be reluctant…I will do whatever it takes for you Daddy – you can do anything you want to me … Oh Daddy, Daddy, Daddy…

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