Office Entanglements. part II

Later at the filing cabinet, I noticed his reflection open the drawer,stare at the panties, pull them out, bring them close to his face and inhale deeply. I turned around slowly and approached him. As he stood up, I saw a great bulge in his pants. We went in for a deep kiss as I undid his pants and traveled further south. You can imagine my pleasant surprise to find a monster cock. I started to lick his tip. He shivered. With one hand playing with his balls and my other on his shaft, I began a slow stroke while I sent wet kisses up the length of his dick. I put my luscious lips around his throbbing mushroom tip and slipped further down to the base of his cock as my free hand moved around to his ass. I moaned as he reached the back of my throat sending quakes through his body. I sucked back up to the tip like I was five year old girl and that dick was my yummy lolly. He grabbed me by my head and thrust deep down my throat. I slipped my finger into his ass and put pressure on the sweet spot. I gave the lightest touch to his ready to burst balls as his cock slid in and out between my lips. He locked up and shot his hot load all over my face. Scrumptious. We both agreed to do it again in the future.

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