Submissive phone sex slut October

I am a really bad girl. The truth is, I need to be discplined-24/7. If not, I have the potential to really get ‘out of control.’ Submission is my fix, my high-without it, I am not satisfied. I need you. Please tame me and discipline me when I am bad (which is quite often). I’m a young slut who craves to be used in every type of way imaginable. I grew up being used, and put into my subservient place. That is all that I know, and all that I will ever know.

I am now obsessed with being controlled (even though it does not show, at first). I have experienced just about every type of humiliation, torture, and restraint device. I have also had every type of mind game played on me. I am a tough bitch who needs to be ‘led’ and shown ‘the way’. I need to be broken and molded into your perfect submissive slut. I am masochistic-I love the feeling and pain (it brings me intense pleasure). HURT ME…Master. Please, I need it. I am worthless, but that is a secret that is shared, only between you and I.

~Your slave (in waiting) October

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