I Want it all piggie




I love financial domination knowing you wanna give me everything I want is so damn hot to me that I wanna take all your money and to fuck up your wallet.
You love sending your whole paycheck to me because I’m sexy  and deserve all your money.
You love it when I call you a loser cause you love paying pretty young brats like me. you love getting treated like shit.
You get such a rush giving October everything she wants I am your princess and you will give me everything cause you are nothing and im everything  I deserve sending tips makes me and you happy your little shrimp dick isn’t worth a fucking thing all your good for is sending me everything you have and you love sending and sending and sending.
you love giving me everything I want Your tips go towards my vapes my Maryjane and my expensive clothing so I look perfect and my makeup I want it all nothing is too much for a princess like me haha I will take every single paycheck and every single cent.Bratty girl phone sex

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