Nylon Pervert Sneaks Into My Bedroom

Stocking Fetish Phone Sex


Naughty boys like you can only worship my stockings from afar. That’s why you broke into my bedroom while I was away so that you could see them. Once you were inside my bedroom, you looked through my leggings, panties and socks galore. To your surprise, no stockings. You go to my hamper and dig through to find my stockings. They are still warm from the last time you saw me, and you rub them all over your face, taking in my scent. Then, you take out your cock and rub my soft stockings on your hard dick. You are being such a nasty little pervert. If I were to come home and see you like this, I would take a video of you rubbing your cock with my stockings and send it to everyone you know. People should know what a nylon slut you are. After that, you stick your dick in my stockings and use them to jerk yourself off, cumming inside my stockings. Like the deviant you are, you don’t even wash my stockings afterwards as you put them back under my clothes in the hamper. 

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