NYE Cunty Kisses From Uncle Joe

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I’ve had a fantasy for a long time where I get super close to my uncle. Everyone had left us behind at he and my aunt’s house to start packing up all the Christmas stuff, as well as to clean for our annual New Years Eve party. It seemed like the obvious time to make a move, which I could tell he would love because he has always given me eyes. I came downstairs in an oversized nightshirt but didn’t put on any panties. I knew eventually he would want me to climb up the ladder to help get some garland down and just as I imagined, the request for me to reach up high occurred. As I climbed up, he put his hands around my thighs and began to help steady my body. He looked up and that’s when he noticed my lack of coverage on my tiny bald pussy. He slipped his fingers up and started to softy pet my crotch-kitten. I let out a soft moan and he helped me down, laying me down on the floor and going down to lick and suck on my pink tiny clitty. I came so hard all over his face. He got up, kissed my forehead and told me that we would have to continue next year. Well, happy 2018 to me. 😉




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