No One Can Fuck Me Like You Can

Adult Phone ChatIt has been forever since I talked to you and I miss you like crazy!

You know I can have anyone I want and believe me, I have tried them all! But no one can fuck me like you can!

I your big fat cock fits so perfectly inside my tight little pussy and no one stuffs my pretty young ass quite like you do!

But I am aching for you now!

My honey pot drips at the thought of you!

I have even picked up extra gigs in porn videos, just hoping I could fuck the thought of you out of my head!

But those wimpy men can’t do what you do. They can’t make me crawl and beg for them the way I do for you!Phone Sex

As a last resort, I rented a fucking machine.

I was bound and gagged and strapped in.

My pussy was pounded for hours! I had no control….there were no “safe words”….no one to turn it off or untie me.

My tight pussy was used and gaping but it still twitched at the thought of you!

Please cum back to me baby!

Please cum and fuck me like only you can!

I will be your good little whore, I promise!

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