My Neighbor Caught Me Trying to Rob His Place

My neighbor is a known addict and usually goes out and leaves his house unlocked.  Mom and Dad went on a three day mini-vacay, and I had my friends come over. We were partying, smoking-up and needed some more of our supply.  I put on gloves and went into my neighbor’s home, right after he went out. Five minutes later, I heard his truck in the driveway. He must have forgotten something and came back home.  I thought, “fuck!  I’m screwed!” I was pissed because I did not get a chance to find anything.  I ran into the bathroom and hid in the bathtub.  Just my luck, he comes into the bathroom to take a piss and sees me laying in his tub (his tub did not have a curtain). He looked down at me and started screaming at me and cursing me out.  He snatched me out of the tub and drug me out of his bathroom. He shoved me into his bedroom and forced me onto the bed.  He threatened to call the cops and  ripped my clothes off.  He stripped down and forced himself on me and took control of my ass. He fucked me so hard, I saw stars! After blowing a huge load in me, he tossed me a sweatshirt and jeans to put on and told me to get the fuck out.

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